In-Person Class Schedule

In-Person Kindermusik Class Schedule (also includes Unlimited Virtual Classes):
**Due to the Stay-at-Home Order, Classes Paused Until the Week of January 11th.**
Enrollment includes 1 weekly in-person class and unlimited virtual classes; attend any level. $98/child.
12:30p Level 3 (3-4yrs) Ms. Amelia (NEW CLASS, Starts in March 2021)
4:00p Level 4 (4-5yrs) Ms. Marina (NEW CLASS, Starts in March 2021)
10:30a Level 3 (3-4yrs) Ms. Amelia (1 Spot Left)
4:30p Level 5 (5-6yrs) Mr. Jeremy (FULL)
12:30a Level 4 (4-5yrs) Mr. Jeremy (FULL)
11:30a Level 4 (4-5yrs) Ms. Kristen (2 Spot Left)

Virtual Class Schedule

Zoom Virtual Kindermusik Class Schedule (Unlimited Classes):
Enrollment includes unlimited weekly classes; attend any level. $68/month for the entire family
9:30a Level 2 (2-3yrs) Ms. Taylor
10:30a Level 1 (1-2yrs) Ms. Taylor
11:30a Foundations (0-1yrs) Ms. Taylor
12:30p Level 3 (3-4yrs) Ms. Taylor
4:00p Level 4 (4-5yrs) Mr. Jeremy
10:30a Level 3 (3-4yrs) Ms. Taylor
11:30a Level 2 (2-3yrs) Ms. Marina
12:30p Level 1 (1-2yrs) Ms. Marina
3:45 Level 5 (5-6yrs) Mr. Jeremy
9:30a Level 2 (2-3yrs) Ms. Taylor
10:30a Level 1 (1-2yrs) Ms. Taylor
11:30a Level 3 (3-4yrs) Ms. Marina
12:30a Level 4 (4-5yrs) Ms. Marina
10:30 Level 1/2 (1-3yrs) Ms. Kristen
11:30a Level 4 (4-5yrs) Ms. Kristen
12:30p Level 5 (5-7yrs) Ms. Kristen
Zoom Virtual Private Lesson Schedule (Piano, Voice, Ukulele & Guitar):
Wondering what our “normal” in-person schedule looks like? Click here.