What You Need for Your Child When Your Child Needs It Most

Every stage, or “season,” of early childhood has its triumphs and its challenges.  At Kindermusik, we believe that music and movement should be a huge part of both the celebrations and the everyday moments of each stage of childhood.

That’s why Kindermusik classes are not just filled with happy music and delightful activities for kids, but are also full of practical tips and musical helps for parents.  And it all comes packaged in such a way as to also give you invaluable insights into the way your child will grow and develop into the special individual he/she is meant to be.

Babies need nurture.
The first years are all about connections and learning.  A lullaby will become a beautiful ritual before nap time.  A sweet little finger play makes bath time extra fun.  A quick dance around the kitchen provides a needed distraction around supper time.

In Kindermusik, we’ll teach you all of the songs, fingerplays, and dances you need, but we’ll also give you the time to settle in and savor these precious early years.  The window for learning is open the widest right now, and there’s nothing more powerful than music and movement.

Toddlers need engagement.
Busy brains and busy little bodies need something to keep them active. And yet they thrive on predictability and routine.  Despite attempts to be fiercely independent, these busy little people still need you and they still need lots of cuddles.  And they do love their music!

We’ll help you add plenty of activity to your week – in class and at home.  And we’ll give you the music to dance to, the songs to sing, and the lullabies to hum, along with the insights you need to better understand this beautiful little person that is your child.

Preschoolers need adventure.
More than at any other stage, play is your preschool child’s work.  Play is how they’ll learn best.  The preschooler enjoys action and adventure, and he/she is eager for the kinds of rich experiences and interactions that will best help get him/her be ready for school, for music lessons, and for life.

Pretend play, big imaginations, socializing, and new musical concepts – all of these and more are how this stage of Kindermusik helps your child thrive and flourish.  Best of all, Kindermusik allows you to be part of the grand adventure of preparing for some very exciting transitions.

Big Kids need opportunity.
Your child seems so grown up all of the sudden, but he/she is not as grown up as you might think.  Now more than ever, your child needs to move, to explore, and to have fun even while being challenged with new ideas and ways to learn.  Your child is more than capable of learning the more specific musical concepts that will continue to foster a love for music and prepare him/her for that next step to formal music instruction.

As we capitalize on your child’s love of learning and making music with friends, we’ll also keep you involved through pressure-free music-making and simple activities at home.  You’ll learn right along with your child, and you’ll have the resources you need to make time for music and enjoy time with your child.

We’d love for you to come see for yourself how Kindermusik meets your child’s musical and developmental needs at every stage in early childhood, from newborn to age 7.  Try a free class today!

Shared by Kindermusik educator Theresa Case who has an award-winning Kindermusik program at Piano Central Studios in beautiful Upstate South