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Our Little Winds program encourages your child’s exploration of woodwind instruments designed just for kids! Beginning with a recorder and graduating to a favorite Junior woodwind instrument, your musician will culminate their Little Winds experience performing with our band!

4-Week Introductory Little Winds 1 Class (6-8 Years)

Our 4-Week Introductory Class allows your wee one to get first hand experience with our recorder, pre-flute and pre-reed instruments. This class is a short 4-week taste and feel for what we’ll do in the full academic year class (Sept-May).

  • Your child will explore each of our Little Winds I instruments (recorder, pre-flute & pre-reed)
  • Allows your wee one to try our Little Winds I Class before committing to the full class.
  • Transitional instruments designed for small hands incorporate real woodwind mouthpieces with recorder fingerings
  • Your little one will learn their very first note B and other foundational music symbols and notation
  • Students develop finger and breath coordination which are necessary for successful wind playing

Introductory Class Details:

  • 45 minute classes
  • Group Class (8 students max)
  • 4-week sessions
  • $116/4 week session
  • Instruments provided for class use. No at home practice.
  • 2023 Dates: TBD

Little Winds 1: Recorder, Pre-Flute and Pre-Reed (6-8 Years)

Little Winds 1 will spark your child’s love and enjoyment of playing woodwinds. After being taught basic note and rhythm reading in woodwind music class, your little one will develop their musical vocabulary and practice their finger/breath harmonization on the recorder, their very first wind instrument! Once they’ve mastered these skills, your student will graduate to playing transitional flute and reed wind instruments. These pre-flute and pre-reed woodwinds create rich, high quality musical notes while encouraging proper finger placement and breath techniques as your young one rehearses and gains confidence in their musical gift.

  • Your child will learn basic note and rhythm reading
  • Students develop finger and breath coordination while simultaneously reading music
  • Your musician will seamlessly transition from recorder to their first woodwind instruments
  • Transitional instruments designed for small hands incorporate real woodwind mouthpieces with recorder fingerings
  • Little Winds 1 builds your child’s confidence and musical talents

Class Details:

  • Class Duration: 45 minutes (weekly)
  • Class Size: maximum of 10-15 Students
  • Term Class: Sept-May
  • Perform in our Holiday and Spring Showcase Recitals
  • Tuition: $116 per month

Little Winds 2: Junior Clarinet, Junior Saxophone, Junior Flute and Junior Horn (6-8 Years)

Building upon the musical foundation learned in Little Winds 1, students in Little Winds 2 explore a variety of Junior woodwind music class instruments including Junior Flute, Junior Clarinet, Junior Horn, and Junior Saxophone. Smaller versions of real woodwinds, these instruments are designed for little hands, making it easier to master breathing and finger techniques. Your child will continue to mature their musical ability and discover which instrument “speaks” to them, helping solidify their lifelong love of music.

  • Prerequisite Little Winds 1
  • Little Winds 2 bridges the gap between the recorder and transitional woodwinds to Junior wind instruments
  • Students explore a variety of Junior woodwind instruments, playing Junior Flute, Junior Clarinet, and Junior Saxophone
  • Musicians also learn fundamentals of brass instruments on the Junior Horn
  • Learn woodwind fingerings and proper mouth embouchure on instruments designed specifically for young aspiring musicians

Class details:

  • Coming Soon! Check back for dates.
  • Class Duration: 45 minutes (weekly)
  • Class Size: maximum of 10-15 Students
  • Tuition: $116 per month

Pre-Band (7-9 Years)

My Little Conservatory’s Pre-Band class brings children together to perform their favorite Junior instrument in an ensemble. Your student will continue developing their budding musical talents, this time focusing on mastering one woodwind instrument. The band setting encourages communication and collaboration between students, teaching them how to synchronize and harmonize as they learn to play lively songs as a musical group. Each Pre-Band ensemble performs for their families at a Winter and Spring Showcase Recital.

  • Prerequisite Little Winds 1 & 2
  • Your child will practice, play, and continue to master their preferred Junior instrument
  • Students gain large ensemble experience, helping build their teamwork, communication, and collaborative skills
  • Your child will perform with their friends and fellow students in our Winter and Spring Showcase Recitals

Class details:

  • Coming Soon! Check back for dates.
  • Class Duration: 45 minutes (weekly)
  • Tuition: $116 per month
  • Materials: Junior Instrument of your choice and Windstars Book

We’re an Ocean Grove Vendor!

If your family home schools your children, we are an official Ocean Grove Charter School Vendor. Your Kindermusik Classes and/or Private Piano Lessons can be reimbursed by Ocean Grove. Contact us for more details!

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