At My Little Conservatory, we understand the importance of providing sensory-rich experiences for babies and toddlers through our music classes. These classes are designed to engage and stimulate the senses, offering a symphony of sensory delights for the youngest members of our community.

  1. Auditory Stimulation: Our music classes provide a rich auditory experience for babies and toddlers, exposing them to a variety of sounds, rhythms, and melodies. From soothing lullabies to upbeat songs, children are immersed in a world of musical sounds that captivate their ears and ignite their imagination.
  2. Tactile Exploration: Through hands-on experiences with a variety of instruments and materials, children have the opportunity to explore and interact with different textures, shapes, and sensations. From the soft touch of scarves to the smooth surface of instruments, each tactile experience encourages sensory exploration and fine motor development.
  3. Visual Delights: Our music classes are filled with vibrant colors, playful props, and captivating visuals that engage children’s eyes and spark their curiosity. From colorful streamers  that dance in the air to whimsical puppets and props, children are captivated by the visual spectacle of our classes, enhancing their sensory experience.
  4. Movement and Kinesthetic Learning: Music and movement go hand in hand, and our classes encourage children to move and groove to the rhythm of the music. Through dancing, bouncing, and swaying, children develop gross motor skills, coordination, and body awareness while experiencing the joy of movement.
  5. Proprioception: Proprioception, often referred to as the “sixth sense,” is the awareness of one’s body in space and the ability to sense movement and position. Our music classes provide opportunities for children to engage in proprioceptive activities, such as drumming, clapping, and stomping, which promote body awareness and spatial orientation.

At My Little Conservatory, we believe that sensory-rich experiences are essential for the holistic development of babies and toddlers. Our music classes offer a sensory symphony that engages children’s senses, promotes their development, and nurtures their love of music from an early age. Join us and embark on a musical journey that will delight, inspire, and enrich your child’s sensory world. Come try a class or enroll today!

Welcome to My Little Conservatory, where music and learning blend seamlessly to create a harmonious environment for children. Today, we’re delving into the rich history and delightful experience of Kindermusik, a program that has enchanted families around the world for decades.

A Musical Legacy:
Kindermusik traces its roots back to the late 1960s when music educator Dan Pratt envisioned a program that would introduce young children to the wonders of music in a nurturing and developmentally appropriate manner. In 1978, Kindermusik International was officially founded by Pratt and his wife, Lorna. Since then, it has grown into the world’s leading provider of music and movement programs for children from birth to seven years old.

What is Kindermusik?
Kindermusik is more than just a music class—it’s a holistic approach to early childhood education that integrates music, movement, language, and social interaction. Grounded in research from early childhood development experts, Kindermusik curriculum is carefully designed to stimulate cognitive, physical, and emotional growth while fostering a lifelong love of music.

What Families Can Expect:
At My Little Conservatory, families embarking on the Kindermusik journey can expect a warm and welcoming atmosphere where children are encouraged to explore and express themselves through music. Here’s what you can anticipate from a Kindermusik class:

  1. Developmentally Appropriate Activities: Each Kindermusik class is tailored to specific age groups, ensuring that activities are suitable for the developmental stage of each child. From gentle rocking and bouncing for infants to rhythmic games and instrument exploration for older toddlers, every session is thoughtfully crafted to engage and delight young minds.
  2. Bonding Moments: Kindermusik isn’t just for children—it’s for families too. Parents, grandparents, and caregivers are invited to participate in classes alongside their little ones, strengthening bonds and creating cherished memories through shared musical experiences.
  3. Multisensory Learning: Through singing, dancing, instrument play, and storytelling, Kindermusik engages all of the senses, making learning a multi-dimensional and immersive adventure. Children develop important skills such as listening, coordination, and self-expression while having a blast in the process.
  4. Nurturing Environment: My Little Conservatory’s Kindermusik classes provide a safe and supportive space where children are free to explore and express themselves without fear of judgment. Certified Kindermusik educators facilitate classes with warmth, enthusiasm, and a deep understanding of early childhood development.
  5. Lifelong Love of Music: One of the greatest gifts Kindermusik offers is instilling a lifelong passion for music. By fostering a positive and joyful relationship with music from an early age, children are more likely to continue making music a part of their lives as they grow.

Is Kindermusik a Franchise?
At My Little Conservatory, it’s essential to emphasize that we are not just another franchise. Kindermusik is a curriculum carefully crafted and developed over decades by experts in early childhood education and music. Our teachers undergo extensive training to deliver the Kindermusik experience, ensuring that every class is enriching and developmentally appropriate. Moreover, each Kindermusik location throughout the world is independently owned and operated, allowing us to tailor our programs to the unique needs and preferences of our community.

At My Little Conservatory, we believe in the transformative power of music to enrich children’s lives and foster holistic development. Kindermusik embodies this belief, offering a magical journey of discovery and delight for families. Join us as we embark on this musical adventure together, creating precious memories and laying the foundation for a lifetime of musical enjoyment. We invite parents to join us at My Little Conservatory and enroll in a Kindermusik class today to witness the magic of music in their child’s development.

Introduction: Embrace the Musical Adventure

Are you ready to embark on a musical adventure with your little one? At My Little Conservatory, we’re passionate about the incredible impact that music can have on your baby’s development. Join us as we dive into the science behind why music is not just enjoyable but essential for your baby’s growth and well-being.

Prenatal Sensitivity: Music’s Influence Before Birth

Did you know that babies begin to respond to sound as early as 18 weeks into pregnancy? Research suggests that exposing babies to music while they’re in the womb can stimulate their auditory system and even influence their later preferences for certain types of music. In fact, studies have shown that babies exposed to music in utero may have heightened auditory skills and be more responsive to music after birth.

Early Development: Music as a Tool for Learning

Once your baby is born, music continues to play a crucial role in their development. Music engages multiple areas of the brain, including those responsible for language processing, motor skills, and emotional regulation. Through our themed music classes, your baby will have the opportunity to explore different musical elements such as rhythm, melody, and tempo. These experiences not only stimulate their cognitive development but also lay the foundation for future musical learning.

Neurological Benefits: Strengthening Brain Connections

Recent studies have shown that musical training in early childhood can lead to structural changes in the brain, particularly in areas associated with auditory processing and executive function. This means that exposing your baby to music from an early age can help strengthen neural connections in their brain, enhancing their ability to learn, remember, and problem-solve. At My Little Conservatory, we provide a rich sensory experience through music, helping to support your baby’s brain development in a fun and engaging way.

Socialization and Interaction: Building Important Skills

Music also plays a crucial role in social and emotional development. Our curriculum provides opportunities for your baby to interact with others, fostering important social skills such as turn-taking, sharing, and cooperation. Additionally, singing and dancing together can strengthen the bond between you and your baby, creating moments of joy and connection that will last a lifetime.

Conclusion: Embrace the Musical Journey

So why wait? Join us on this journey of discovery and unlock the transformative power of music in your baby’s life. Together, we’ll create lasting memories, foster creativity, and lay the groundwork for a lifetime of musical enjoyment. Ready to take the first step? Sign up today and see firsthand the magic of music in action. Let’s make music together!

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We know that virtual classes aren’t quite the same as the normal in-person experience. Because of this, we have added many perks to help create an exceptionally magical experience for your wee one!

Here are 6 perks to your Virtual Kindermusik Class Enrollment:

  1. Unlimited classes: You can attend as many classes as you like each week. You can even attend other levels! We offer 17 classes to choose from.
  2. Siblings are FREE: Enjoy class with your entire family for one low discounted rate.
  3. New music downloads each month: Your enrollment comes with access to the Kindermusik@Home digital music downloads for your computer or on our new app!
  4. Free Bonus Classes: We hold frequent bonus classes for free! Some of our recent highlights include a Teddy Bear’s Picnic Class and a Very Hungry Caterpillar Class!
  5. Access to our private Facebook group: We do 3 FB lives each week! These include storytimes, sing-a-longs, crafts, instrument demos and more!
  6. Receive exclusive early bird registration privileges: Want to have first choice of class times when we open back up? You’ll receive early bird registration access with your virtual enrollment.

What to try out a class first? Let us know we’d love to have you try a Free Preview Class or one of our Class Demo Events. Send us an email and we’ll get you all set up.

Written by Amelia Vitarelli, owner and educator of My Little Conservatory in San Jose, CA. Amelia has been enriching the lives of children in Silicon Valley for over 20 years.

During the Covid-19 Shelter-in-Place, MLC is offering our same exceptional music classes and lessons virtually. Create joy in your day by giving your child the gift of music!

We are proud to offer both our group Kindermusik Classes and our Private Lessons (piano, voice, and ukulele) via Zoom. Give your little one the brain boosting benefits of music while sheltering at home. Our classes are live, interactive and engaging musical experiences designed to bring joy to the whole family!

Here are 7 tips to make your Virtual Kindermusik Class a Success:

  1. Build excitement for your Kindermusik Class. Remember when the highlight of your day was coming to music class? We can still build that anticipation and excitement for our little ones by reminding them in the morning that it’s music class day! Help them get excited and ready for class.
  2. Go on an instrument/supply hunt before class. We send out an email on Monday morning with all the supplies that you’ll need for class. Make this fun by going on an instrument hunt! Have your child help gather supplies or come up with ideas for at-home instruments. Did you know that a box of macaroni and cheese can substitute for a shaker? An empty box or pan for a drum? Get creative and use what you have around your house.
  3. Have a designated room for music class. Kids LOVE routine! If possible, have your virtual music class in the same room every week. Make sure your room is free of distractions like toys, books, etc. Our wee ones are very easily distracted. This is normal and age appropriate. If your child gets distracted, simply allow them a few minutes and then redirect them back to their virtual class.
  4. Encourage your little one to engage. We are conditioned to sit still when we are watching the screen. This is true even for our youngsters. If you notice that your  budding musician is not engaging, give some encouragement. Show them how it is done by actively doing the activities yourself.
  5. Remove the screen if it’s a distraction. Our virtual class is meant to be a guided musical experience between you and your child. This should be a time for you to connect and bond. If the screen is getting in the way of this, move the screen to a location that only YOU can see and continue on with the activities. This is also a great idea for those families who limit or avoid screen time.
  6. Get the whole family involved. Mom, dad, sister, brother, nannies, pets, etc. Your Kindermusik Virtual Classroom comes with free access for your immediate family. Make the class a family affair!
  7. Use the Kindermusik App. Did you know that Kindermusik has a wonderful free app? Using the Kindermusik App outside of your class is a great way for your little one to become familiar with the music and songs that we use everyday in class. The more familiar your child is, the more likely they will engage with the activities.

Written by Amelia Vitarelli, owner and educator of My Little Conservatory in San Jose, CA. Amelia has been enriching the lives of children in Silicon Valley for over 20 years.