In the delightful journey of parenthood, every interaction with our little ones becomes an opportunity to nurture their growth and create treasured moments that last a lifetime. Amidst the giggles and cuddles, there lies a profound opportunity to harness the power of music to not only ignite their creativity but also enhance their gross and fine motor skills.

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Trying to figure out which instrument your child will like? Our highly engaging 4-Week Summer Introductory Classes give your wee one a glimpse into our more formal lessons and group classes. This short 4-week session will introduce your child to the instrument, basic note reading skills, rhythmic notation, and more! Our teachers are skilled in providing engaging and fun musical experiences for our young, budding musicians. We have Introductory classes in piano, singing, guitar and ukulele. Each 4-week session focuses on one specific instrument. No homework is assigned and therefore no need to purchase an instrument for at home use.

  • 45 minute classes
  • Group Class (7 students max)
  • 4-week sessions
  • $103 for the 4-week session
  • Session 1: June to July Session 2:  July to August Session 3: August to September

Enrollment begins March 1st.

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Are you wondering if your child is “ready” for private lessons at My Little Conservatory? We have several readiness benchmarks that you can use to help you decide if your child is ready to start lessons. Check out our readiness benchmarks below. Read more

We get asked a lot, “What do you do in a BABY music class??” At My Little Conservatory, our music classes begin at age 0! Yes, zero! There are so many wonderful cognitive, physical and emotional benefits for baby.  Read more

Our music families love it at My Little Conservatory! Here are the top 10 things they LOVE!

  1. Highly trained, educated teachers
  2. Unlimited makeups
  3. Access to a new digital album each month
  4. 100% Happiness Guarantee
  5. Easy, convenient monthly payments
  6. Free field trips and community events
  7. Waitlist priority if you need to change classes
  8. Surprise gifts throughout the year
  9. Cutting edge, researched based curriculum
  10. Socialization & classroom readiness

We have carefully crafted magical musical moments for our students. Come join us and see first hand why so many Silicon Valley families love us! Click here to learn more about our music classes.

Written by Amelia Vitarelli, owner and educator of My Little Conservatory in San Jose, CA. Amelia has been enriching the lives of children in Silicon Valley for over 20 years.

Is your little one drawn to music? Has your living room turned into a stage? Wondering how to best support this budding interest?

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At My Little Conservatory, we take the health and safety of our students, families and teachers extremely seriously. In fact, that is our top priority! Because of this, our health and social distancing protocols exceed those issued by the County and State. Read more

You’ve probably noticed your preschooler can now belt out the lyrics to their favorite songs! Sometimes at the top of their lungs with such passion and gusto! You may also notice that they begin in one musical key, but shift while singing. This is common and normal for our developing vocalists. If you want to help develop their singing skills, follow these simple tips to help their songs stay on pitch. Read more

Kindermusik has a brand new song to help your child feel comfortable in their mask! You can use this song and the accompaning activities to help make mask wearing part of your child’s routine. To access this FREE new song, simply go to the Kindermusik App and seach for “Mask” in the song Library.  If you don’t have the AMAZING Kindermusik App, you can get a free download in the IOS and Google Play Stores. Read more