We get asked a lot, “What do you do in a BABY music class??” At My Little Conservatory, our music classes begin at age 0! Yes, zero! There are so many wonderful cognitive, physical and emotional benefits for baby. 

Here quick snapshot of what we do in a typical class:

  • Infant exercises
  • Infant massage
  • Guided tummy time
  • Instrument plays with baby safe instruments (shakers, bells, drums, tambourines)
  • Group dances and movement experiences
  • Sign Language
  • Vocal play and sound exploration
  • Listening and visual exercises
  • Storytime and more!

We’d love to meet you and your baby! We are committed to providing your child with a truly MAGICAL first music experience. Come play with us!

Written by Amelia Vitarelli, owner and educator of My Little Conservatory in San Jose, CA. Amelia has been enriching the lives of children in Silicon Valley for over 20 years.