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The Kindermusik & Reading Rainbow Partnership!!

Kindermusik International and Reading Rainbow, two of the most trusted brands in childhood education, are partnering to bring more ways for children and parents to learn together. Beginning in March, the Reading Rainbow app will include Music Mountain, featuring Kindermusik! Reading Rainbow’s app hosted by LeVar Burton, guides children on a reading adventure to themed “islands,” each filled with hundreds […]

Why Music?

WHY MUSIC? – CELEBRITY QUOTES “An educational foundation is only part of the equation. In order for creativity to flourish and imagination to take hold, we also need to expose our children to the arts from a very young age.” -First Lady Michelle Obama “We need to ensure that our children have both knowledge and imagination. […]

20 Fine Motor Activities Using Everyday Items

Fine motor skills are so important for the developing toddler and preschooler. These skills enable such functions as writing, grasping small objects, fastening clothing, cutting, stacking blocks and manipulating various toys. As the neurological system matures, these skills develop. Fine motor control requires awareness, planning, muscle strength and coordination to complete a task. Instrument play in […]

Foundations of Learning: Have a Ball

To a child with imagination and a parent who hasn’t forgotten the simple joys of childlike playfulness, every object has unlimited possibilities. Ball play enables children to investigate rolling, bouncing, passing, and tossing, exercising their imaginations as well as their gross-motor skills. Tips for parents: You can enjoy ball play indoors or out with a […]