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What’s more important than a strong academic foundation for school?

Many parents put in a lot of thought into what preschool activities their child will do thinking that what their child learns there will have a huge influence in how they do in elementary school and beyond.It’s true, however not in the way you may think. I hear “my 3 year old can already read,” or […]

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But I don’t want to do that! Use music to create solid routines and ease transitions

We’ve all been there. Your child is behaving like an angel and suddenly turns into a little devil when you tell them that they have to do something else. It’s understandable. They’re not really little devils! They’re learning how to behave properly and what your expectations are of them. And who wants to stop something […]

The Perfect Family Road Trip Playlist

Summer is here! And if you’re like my family, that means – ROAD TRIPS! I grew up with family road trips and have a lot of fun memories of lying in the back of the car singing along to pop songs, and then falling asleep to my parents music and the rhythm of the road. […]

It’s April and all that jazz!

Kids are born to improvise. They have no problem picking up an instrument and playing a “song” that they make up as they go along. And jazz is all about improvisation. April is National Jazz Appreciation Month with April 30 being National Jazz Day. April was chosen in recognition of the birthdays of jazz greats […]