Little Musicians

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Our Little Musicians Program is a magic journey of musical wonderment. The perfect step between early childhood music classes and private lessons, these classes nurture your child’s emerging musical talents. Through intentional musical play, children develop their singing voices, begin reading music on the staff, and create their own musical compositions. At the end of our Little Musicians journey, a beautiful graduation will celebrate your little one’s transformation into a ‘little musician’.

Level 3 Kindermusik (3-4 Years)

Inspired by a world of musical make-believe, your preschooler will be immersed in imaginative play activities combined with music, storytelling, movement, and listening to bolster sensory, language, and cognitive abilities. As a Little Musician, your young one will be introduced to music vocabulary and symbols, begin reading basic rhythms, and learn how to play a steady beat on mallet and percussion instruments. Using the Kindermusik curriculum, your child will gain a deeper discovery of their singing voice as well as cultivate their ensemble skills including playing at certain points or changing instruments during a song.

  • Balance your preschooler’s need for independence, emotional security, and self-regulation while building friendships, learning to share, and empathizing with others
  • 3-year-olds tend to participate more when unaccompanied by caregivers. Parents are invited to join in during the last 15 minutes of class. (Not ready for this? That’s perfectly okay! Join in any time and know we will call you in if needed.)
  • Story time enhances speech and language, creating an awareness that words and symbols have meaning, a step toward reading music

Class details:

  • Class Duration: 45 minutes (weekly)
  • Class Size: maximum of 8 Students
  • Ongoing Enrollment: join the class anytime
  • Tuition: $116 per month (+ registration fee)
  • Caregiver attends the last 10-15 minutes of class for sharing time
  • Optional caregiver attendance in entire class if child needs support
  • Kindermusik@Home provided for free

Level 4 Kindermusik (4-5 Years)

In this Kindermusik class designed specifically for ages 4 to 5, your child’s musical skills will take flight! Building upon their spontaneous relationship with rhythm, sound, and harmony, they will explore a variety of musical instruments including drums, keyboard, xylophone, recorder, ukulele, and violin. Your musician will get hands-on experience with a new instrument every month! Your child’s vocal abilities will soar as they expand their vocal range, pitch accuracy, and memory recall. Creative play combined with music, movement, and storytelling strengthens your child’s sensory, language, and cognitive gifts.

  • Hands-on exploration of a new instrument every month. Instruments include: drums, keyboard, xylophone, recorder, ukulele, violin, flute, clarinet, horn, guitar, dulcimer and saxophone.
  • Explore basic music history including musical genres, the history of music, and composers reinforced by related stories and imaginative play
  • Learn basic music notation, rhythm reading, and music vocabulary

Class details:

  • Class Duration: 45 minutes (weekly)
  • Class Size: maximum of 8 Students
  • Ongoing Enrollment: join the class anytime
  • Tuition: $116 per month (+ registration fee)
  • Caregiver attends last 10 minutes of class for sharing time
  • Kindermusik@Home provided for free

Level 5 Instrument Explorers Class (5-7 Years)

A voyage of musical discovery, our Level 5 Class is the culmination of our Little Musicians journey. The perfect step between early childhood music classes and private lessons, it builds progressively to nurture your child’s emerging musical talents.  Our Level 5 musicians spend 6 weeks on each of the instruments in our program suite (keyboard, violin, winds, voice, ukulele/guitar) learning the basics of each. By the end of this program, your wee one will have a clear instrument favorite as well as a strong musical foundation in basic music theory. Singing, expressive movement, and musical games ensure your budding musician’s skills and enjoyment of music continues to thrive and grow. This class allows them to spread their musical wings, discovering the endless possibilities of future musical study.

  • Reading and writing music on the staff, learning musical vocabulary and history, and the ability to identify a wide range of instruments
  • Learn the fundamentals of keyboard, ukulele/guitar, singing, recorder/winds, and violin. 
  • Read music on the staff while playing each of the above instruments
  • Perform in our end of year Showcase Recital

Class details:

  • Class Duration: 45 minutes (weekly)
  • Class Size: maximum of 8-10 Students
  • Term Class; 2 Semesters: Enrollment is open until 1 month after start date
  • Semester 1: Beginner Class; No Prerequisites Required
  • Semester 2:  Continuation of our Semester 1 Class; Prerequisite: Semester 1
  • Tuition (Sept-Dec): $377 for 13 Classes (+ registration fee)
  • Caregiver attends the last 5-10 minutes of class for sharing time

We’re an Ocean Grove Vendor!

If your family home schools your children, we are an official Ocean Grove Charter School Vendor. Your Kindermusik Classes and/or Private Piano Lessons can be reimbursed by Ocean Grove. Contact us for more details!

Why Choose Us

We’re #1

Your little ones are in great hands. My Little Conservatory is ranked in the top 1% of Kindermusik studios worldwide and is the top-rated studio in all of California. We also offer unlimited makeup sessions that are easy to use.

Classrooms with a Purpose

Our classrooms are created for comfort, education, and enjoyment. Designed to be the ideal size and set up to cultivate learning, all equipment is tucked away to minimize distractions, allowing you and your child to immerse yourselves in the music!

Involved, Inspired Teaching

At My Little Conservatory, we don’t just “keep your children busy.” Fun-loving and kind, our teachers genuinely care for each child they instruct. They engage, inspire, and nurture your child with their infinite creativity and enthusiasm.

Dynamic Classes

Our classes are designed to harness your child’s energy and learning through dynamic movement. Part of their musical exploration and understanding includes twirling and twisting, dancing and wiggling, leaping and rolling.

Variety of Instruments

In each class, we offer a vast array of toys, musical instruments, and props to keep your child engaged and intrigued.

Recommended by Pediatricians and Teachers

The Kindermusik program is endorsed by pediatricians and preschool teachers all over the globe. Its benefits include increased early brain development, improved vocabulary as well as enhanced math and pre-reading skills.

“My son loved his music class! Miss Amelia was so great with the kids; energetic and kind, the perfect combination. My son especially loved all the instruments that he got to play!”

-Emily S. (son Will, age 4)

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