Spring is here! As the flowers start to bloom, the butterflies come back. Their bright colors quickly catch the eye of children, who go chasing after them. Embrace that curiosity and use song to teach them more about these delicate and beautiful pollinators.

One of the best way to teach kids new concepts is through song. Below are some songs you can sing and dance to with your children. For babies, you can sing along for them and clap their hands together with the beat. But these songs are probably best for toddlers. Ask them to come up with movements that go with the lyrics, or use the ones suggested with each song. Use props like scarves and streamers as your wings. Or you could even make your own butterfly wings together to help them really get into their imagination.
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Have you ever left your child alone for a brief moment only to find she’s pulled out the pots and pans to bang away on them? Or perhaps your child literally dances to the beat of his own drum that he’s made out of a box? Mine have! But there are great reasons for it and benefits from doing it. Toddlers have an innate drumming ability. And it’s one of the easiest instrument types for them to explore at such a young age. Rhythmic music and drumming have been the foundation of music since before written history. It’s a universal language! You see pictures of it on the walls of caves and still see it as fundamental to popular music. We are born with an appreciation for percussion. And listening to and performing percussion actually helps your child’s brain and body development. Read more

Kids are born to improvise. They have no problem picking up an instrument and playing a “song” that they make up as they go along. And jazz is all about improvisation. April is National Jazz Appreciation Month with April 30 being National Jazz Day. April was chosen in recognition of the birthdays of jazz greats that happen this month – Duke Ellington, Ella Fitzgerald, Gerry Mulligan, and Tito Puente. Read more

Our My Little Conservatory Blog made #9 on this list of the Top 25 Children’s Music Blogs by Feedspot. Woohoo! Check out this awesome list! There are some really great blogs listed on this compilation. Our very own Kindermusik Minds On Music Blog received first place!