Saint Patrick’s Day is coming up and it brings to mind Ireland and it’s fairy folklore. Old Irish folk tradition included a strong belief in the fairy world and that fairies were to be both feared and respected. For example, if you tried to catch a leprechaun for it’s gold be prepared to have mischief and bad luck follow. Or you could just offer the leprechaun a bed for the night and he’d gladly give you gold in return.

If you have a child like mine that LOVES fairies, you know that fairies are less feared and more revered today. And TinkerBell and her friends are at the top of the list. So why not embrace their love of fairies. Indulge it, and introduce them to fairy inspired songs where your little ones can let out their inner fairy to dance and play along with instruments. Read more

Kids brains develop so quickly through the age of 6. The leaps and bounds that I see in children that take our Kindermusik classes is amazing. We know that they are little sponges at this young age. During those early years, it can be easy to feel that if we don’t cram their little brains with as much experiences as possible that our kids will miss out on developing a key skill.

But our brains are not considered fully formed until age 22. So you don’t need to feel that you started too late or missed out if you didn’t start music classes as a baby. During childhood, your child’s brain is still pruning and wiring the brain. The brain is speeding up electrical impulses and stabilizing neural connections. It’s also working on fully developing executive function skills that are so essential to being a successful adult. And music can help with this development. I’ve seen music help teenagers and young adults become more focused and help with their school work. Read more