Foundations (0-1yrs)

Bond and create lasting memories with your baby! Nurture their imagination and development using music, sound, rhyme, rhythm, and movement. Using a different theme each month, your little one will explore infant-safe instruments, cultivate body awareness through joyful movement, and begin building upon their listening, communication, and socialization skills in a safe, clean, inviting, and harmonious environment. Your baby’s brain development will soar with our sensory-rich activities and hands-on learning.

  • Your baby develops muscle strength and body awareness by rolling, crawling, tummy time, infant exercises and dancing
  • Shakers, drums, bells, and other instruments enhance your infant’s sense of rhythm while encouraging creativity and spontaneity
  • Vocalization, sound play, and learning basic sign language fosters parent-child communication
  • You’ll feel like cherished family in our nurturing, inclusive, and comparison-free community of new parents

Class details:

  • Class Duration: 45 minutes (weekly)
  • Class Size: 10-12 Students
  • Tuition: $92 per month
  • Child and caregiver attend together
  • Kindermusik@Home provided for free
kindermusik music class for babies
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Why Choose Us

We’re #1

Your little ones are in great hands. My Little Conservatory is the top-rated studio in California and is in the top 1% of Kindermusik studios worldwide.

Unlimited Makeup Sessions

We realize that life happens. Because of this, we offer makeup sessions that never expire and are easy to schedule online.

Clean & Hygienic

Our studio and all of our instruments are exceptionally clean and hygienic. All props and objects your child will come in contact with are sanitized prior to use.

Baby-Safe Instruments

Your child’s safety is very important to us. All of the instruments in our Kindermusik for Babies class are safe for your infant to use and enjoy!

Inspired Teachers

Our fun-loving and kind teachers genuinely care for and connect with each child they instruct. They will engage, inspire, and nurture your child with their infinite creativity and enthusiasm.

Recommended by Pediatricians

Endorsed by pediatricians and preschool teachers worldwide, the research-based Kindermusik program will benefit your child through increased early brain development, improved vocabulary as well as enhanced math and pre-reading skills.

I love knowing I’m giving my baby the best start to life!”

– David M., dad to Isla (9 mo old)

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